Clarifying the maquila question

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Dec 13 14:36:51 MST 2000

> Above are circumstances of accumulated underdevelopment that "free trade"
> - just one step in US efforts to strengthen Western hemispheric hegemony -
> exacerbates.  As Marx points out in 1848 "support" for such trade speech
> delivered to Democratic Association of Brussels:
> "...when you have torn down the few national barriers which still restrict
> free development of capital, you have given it compelete freedom of action.
> So long as the relation of wage labour to capital is permitted to exist,
> no matter how favourable the conditions under which you accomplish the
> exchange of commodities, there will always be a class which exploits
> and a class which is exploited."    Michael Hoover

For people new to the list, this is Michael Hoover at his best. One of
these days I'd like see Michael--a good old boy from Florida--devote his
talents to writing a "People's History of the American South".

Louis Proyect
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