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Wed Dec 13 15:26:54 MST 2000

> From now on, there will be no crossposting of threads from PEN-L or
> LBO-Talk. It is fine to cc marxism at and these lists if you
> have an interesting newspaper article that you want to see circulated, or
> if you write a movie review, etc. But from now on, threads wrenched in
> midstream from these other lists and crossposted here will lead to
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> Louis Proyect

Subject: LBO'ers reflect on 'globalization'
1. JC Helary wrote:
"what about economic 'localism' instead of nationalism?"
2. Doug Henwood:
"Even worse in my book. You're a French person in Japan talking to people
around the world via a computer based in New York. I like that kind of
worldliness. Don't you?"
3. Gordon Fitch:
"People come from Colombia and Honduras to wash the toilets where I used to
Louis Proyect

So we won't be subjected to any more crap like this?

I've expressed opposition to such cross-posting on several lists over years.
Still, I find timing of above curious.   Michael Hoover (on lookout for
something to forward to list so that I can be first to be suspended).

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