That is enough dude: Re: Moderator's note

Michael Hoover hoov at
Wed Dec 13 16:10:21 MST 2000

> Xxxx
> Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxx
> PhD Student
> Department of Political Science
> SUNY at Albany
> Nelson A. Rockefeller College
> 135 Western Ave.; Milne 102
> Albany, NY 12222

I generally delete above person's posts but I got whiff of them when
reading other listers from yesterday's brouhaha...I request that
moderator suspend above person for approximately 40 posts in couple
of days that amount to nothing more than relentless personal attack
on another list member...If moderator is unwilling to grant said request,
perhaps he will counsel above person to refain from reading Yoshie's
messages...     towards a marxist vegetarianism, Michael Hoover

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