Hackers attack Turkish PM's website to protest

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Hackers attack Turkish PM's website to protest
pay hikes Staff and wire reports


Two Turkish hackers erased the website of the Turkish prime minister's
office on December 3 to protest government plans for a limited pay rise
to public sector

"This web page has been destroyed by RobertoSmix and apprentice
eXtraxheR and all the information has been stolen," read a message left
by the hackers on the official website for the office of Prime Minister
Bulent Ecevit.

It added that the raid was carried out in protest of the 10 percent pay
rise the government promised to public sector employees for the first
half of 2001 under a tight anti-inflation program, backed by a
three-year, $4 billion stand-by deal with the International Monetary
Fund (IMF).

"The hackers themselves are the children of civil servants," said the

The pirates said they had done no permanent damage to the website and
added that
they were willing to share the information they extracted with "anyone
who wants it".

The government's proposed pay rise was recently protested by tens of
thousands of
workers and civil servants who took to the streets in a nationwide

Trade unions say the planned hike is not sufficient and will push
workers into further
economic hardships, while the government says it will not let employees
suffer and will make extra funds available if inflation in the second
half of next year is above target.



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