Cannot stop posting about the election

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Thu Dec 14 01:57:55 MST 2000

I have just visited the CNN site.  I wish for the sake of my blood pressure
that I had never found it.  It is so infuriating to see those mealy mouthed
moderates at work.

So all sides are telling Gore to be gracious.  It is deeply sickening to
here that word being used as a cover for 'grovelling', 'sycophantic',
'cowardly'. the key moment in the whole affair was when the Republicans
wheeled out the far right Cuban exiles (gusanos) to prevent the
counting.  There is an iron rule here that long ago I heard the Irish
revolutionary Jerry Lawless articulate.  He said "Faced with a threat from
the right, liberals always capitulate."

Now the media rush in to call this "gracious".  And of course everything
stays as it is.  Das Bestehende gets perpetuated.

My only hope is that Gore and his bunch of moderates cannot control the
anger that must be building up and that the people storm the stage in
Washington when it comes to the inauguration.

BTW could someone please post something on Scalia.  He is mentioned in
Michael Moore's post.  I have read the stuff on him on the CNN site.  He
seems to the key right winger on the Court.  Isn't Thomas a real turd,
though?  Even the CNN profile of him cannot disguise his true nature.



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