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Les Schaffer schaffer at SPAMoptonline.net
Thu Dec 14 08:01:16 MST 2000

Someone sent a URL to the list recently, it looked like this:

Full story at:http://www.metimes.com/2K/issue2000-49/methaus.htm

see how the 'at:' butts up against the 'http'??? this construction prohibits
most every emailer from being able to make the URL into a clickable link.

so please make sure your URL's are well formatted, they should look like

Full story at: http://www.metimes.com/2K/issue2000-49/methaus.htm

or even this works:

Full story at: www.metimes.com/2K/issue2000-49/methaus.htm

the same goes for punctuation at the end of the URL, so for example, this
will not be clickable in _some_ (but not all) emailer programs:

Full story at: http://www.metimes.com/2K/issue2000-49/methaus.htm.

better to space the punctuation out one or more spaces from the URL so all
emailers can parse the link. (yes, Outlook does render this a correct URL,
but some others do not.)

to repeat from an earlier post several weeks ago: sometimes a URL is very
very long, and if you quote it in something like MS Outlook, it will wrap
the URL and prevent some other emailers from making it clickable. the
solution, if you want to take the trouble to have it rendered correctly, can
be found in a post by me in the marxism archives circa a month or so ago.

les schaffer

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