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Thu Dec 14 08:53:20 MST 2000

Hi Lou:

A few preliminary thoughts in the aftermath of the Bush victory.

I think it is clear that the bourgeoisie has closed ranks to cut short the
unfolding constitutional crisis.

It is not clear whether, and how much, they have succeeded.

Here are some questions we should try to answer?

1. Why did they go to the brink in the first place?

2. Will the conflict within their ranks boil over - despite the deal they

3. What was the deal they made behind closed doors anyway? (For certainly
there is one.)

4. Will sectors of the working class, oppressed, and petty bourgeoisie -
especially in the black community, mobilize in defense of their trampled
democratic rights to vote (even if they voted for an imperialist buzzard?)

In this regard the efforts being made by members of this list for a major
protest at the inauguration are very important, and will be one way we can
judge the answer to question

5. What will be the consequences of the Supreme court's intervention?

They have opened the door to all kinds of lawsuits and efforts to change
electoral law all over the country by applying the "equal protection"
provision to vote counting and recounting.


Louis Proyect
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