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Thu Dec 14 11:04:09 MST 2000

>Wouldn't it be lovely if all the work, personnel, energy, resources that
>might be put into actual organizing and struggle could be drained off
>into endless court suits.

More sectarian nonsense.

Shortly after Hasenfus's plane was shot down over Nicaragua, a legal
offensive was directed against Reagan's contra war. It involved the
Christic Institute, Robert White's International Center for Development
Policy and John Kerry's Congressional Committee. Pressure was mounted to
cut off all illegal funding of the counter-revolution. While this was going
on, people like myself were going out into the streets protesting contra
funding. All of these various efforts eventually did have a positive effect
on shutting down the contra war. Unfortunately, the USSR was at that time
revamping its foreign policy in line with "perestroika". Nicaragua was the
first victim.

Let us remind ourselves that Lenin was a trained lawyer. He used to sit up
nights going through the Czarist law statutes trying to find legal cover
for workers strikes.

Louis Proyect
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