The Contra War & Destabilization

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Thu Dec 14 11:44:36 MST 2000

Lou wrote:

>Shortly after Hasenfus's plane was shot down over Nicaragua, a legal
>offensive was directed against Reagan's contra war. It involved the
>Christic Institute, Robert White's International Center for Development
>Policy and John Kerry's Congressional Committee. Pressure was mounted to
>cut off all illegal funding of the counter-revolution. While this was going
>on, people like myself were going out into the streets protesting contra
>funding. All of these various efforts eventually did have a positive effect
>on shutting down the contra war. Unfortunately, the USSR was at that time
>revamping its foreign policy in line with "perestroika". Nicaragua was the
>first victim.

Yes, much great work was done by assorted leftists -- from lawyers to
activists to writers -- involved in the solidarity movements in
support of the Sandinistas, etc.  However, I don't think leftists in
the USA were ever successful in "shutting down the contra war."
American leftists did have a positive impact in so far as funding had
to be channelled through illegal means, causing some headache for the
ruling class eventually in the form of the Iran-Contra affairs.
However, "covert" operations never stopped.

In recent years, "covert" operations have ceased to be truly
"covert."  The mass media have begun to discuss openly what they have
& will be doing to Iraq, Yugoslavia, etc.  That's a sign of our

Leftists know how to respond in the streets to an all-out war (e.g.,
the Gulf War, the NATO bombings of Yugoslavia, etc.), though never as
effectively as we'd like.  However, leftists have not been able to
mount a significant challenge to low-intensity warfare (e.g.,
bombings in the so-called no-fly zones in Iraq); "covert" operations
for destabilization (e.g., funding for Otpor, etc.); and other daily
& low-key operations of imperialism.


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