The Contra War & Destabilization

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Thu Dec 14 12:20:39 MST 2000


>>Yes, much great work was done by assorted leftists -- from lawyers to
>>activists to writers -- involved in the solidarity movements in
>>support of the Sandinistas, etc.  However, I don't think leftists in
>>the USA were ever successful in "shutting down the contra war."
>>American leftists did have a positive impact in so far as funding had
>>to be channelled through illegal means, causing some headache for the
>>ruling class eventually in the form of the Iran-Contra affairs.
>>However, "covert" operations never stopped.
>Actually, this is historically false. The great tragedy of Nicaragua was
>that the contras had been dealt a decisive military blow

Not before the "covert" operations -- which were by no means limited
to Contras alone -- dragged down the Sandinista Revolution, wrecking
Nicaraguan economy & making many Nicaraguans war-weary.

>but Gorbachev's
>perfidy made it impossible to continue the Sandinista revolution.

Sure, the Perestroika & the end of the Soviet Union were definitely a
decisive blow against the Sandinistas.  Gorbachev was just a sign of
the underlying troubles in the USSR, though: economic problems since
the late 70s; and the problem of the middle-strata socialist citizens.

That said, I'm more interested in whether we -- leftists in rich
nations, especially in the belly of the beast -- have figured out how
to mount an effective challenge to low-intensity warfare, "covert"
operations, etc.: the problems not unique to Nicaragua.  Think of the
cases of Iraq, Yugoslavia, Columbia, etc.


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