marxism-digest V1 #2978 Ismail Lagardien's article

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at
Thu Dec 14 13:46:03 MST 2000

Ismail Lagardien's rant against what he calls the 'white left' is misguided, the
crudest type of 'being determines consciousness' Plekhanovism. How many pioneer
revolutionaries were of the same background as the people they championed? Were
Marx, Engels, Lenin, etc, sons of peasants or wage-labourers? How many
revolutionaries from a middle-class background have fought all their lives for
the interests of the working class; conversely, how many labour leaders from a
working-class background have sold out to the bourgeoisie, or have become part
of the bureaucratic elite in Stalinist states? We can all name quite a few in these
categories. More pertinently, how many black radicals in Africa have ended up
siding with the capitalist class against the black masses? I have known white
South African revolutionaries who have never sold out.   Paul F 

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