Once more on you know what...

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at SPAMqut.edu.au
Fri Dec 15 04:23:45 MST 2000

I think it was Anthony who asked, 'Why did they (The American ruling
class)go to to the brink?'  Well I think the answer is that they did
not.  Because of collaboration from the Democratic Party the Republicans
were able to bully-boy their way to victory.  The price they appear to have
to pay is remarkably small.  Gore's sycophancy and cowardice helped
considerably.  Also crucial here is the fact that the American working
class is considerably *BEHIND* the Left because by and large it does not
vote. (BTW To argue that non-participation in elections automatically makes
you ahead is truly an anarchist position.)

I think what we saw was at one level a snapping and snarling of the pigs at
the trough.  It is as if the Democrats were bitten and chased away.

However what made the struggle more than this was the fact as Jon pointed
out that the voting base of the Democrats is largely the poor and the
disenfranchised. Those of the poor in Florida who voted or tried to vote
for Gore were treated(literally)as criminals. Florida thus became a
paradigm case for the rotten state of American democracy.  Similarly when
the affair was transferred to the Supreme Court the fraud became even
worse.  From this list I have learned of Scalia and Thomas' involvement
with the Bush campaign.  I have also learned about Bill Rehnquist's past as
a racist and  a segregationist.

As I said before the Left in the USA and to a lesser extent world wide have
a lot of ammunition to fire at the system.

Bush whose eyes pop wider every time he reads a big word from the auto cue
will be a truly tawdry figure.  Not a cliche will be left unturned, but it
will certainly be mangled. Still this victory will come back to haunt him
as the American economy slows down and the regime does not have the kind of
social links necessary to head off protest.

In the mean time the true instances where the ruling class are taking us
all to the brink will assert themselves.  I have already mentioned the
economy.  Neo-liberal economics is about to produce a disastrous drop in
demand.  Likewise we remain at the most 50 years away from what will
probably be irreversible ecological disaster.

In the mean time the American election crisis put for a brief time
"politics in command" and we should all attempt to take advantage of that.



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