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Fri Dec 15 04:59:45 MST 2000

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el 14 Dec 00, a las 23:09, jonathan flanders dijo:

> The action will come when the Bush governments
> right-wing hatchetmen make a move against the working class in a serious
> way. Then suddenly the whole question of legitimacy will be posed.

Things are so different down here, and I have already got a couple of bloody
noses by trying to meddle into these debates, but, as Borges said of the
Peronists once, "they are neither good nor bad people, they are simply
incorrigible". Maybe this applies to me, too.

This question of legitimacy is the most important "victory", if we can speak in
these terms, that American revolutionaries should begin to exploit now. I agree
with Jon. In fact, in my country, where these legitimacy issues are already a
daily agenda, everybody who knows what has actually happened (not too many, in
fact: local media have made a paramount effort to blur the actual image of the
Great Democracy of the North!) understands what is at stake now.

The veil of legal sophistry seems to have grown slightly thinner. There is work
to do now on those lines, I think.

Luck for you, comrades, in that task!

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar

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