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Matt D. mattd at
Fri Dec 15 07:10:40 MST 2000

Yoshie wrote:

> P.S. On "miltary Keynsianism": The Democrats invented it,
> and Carter's proposed budgets were pretty much what
> Reagan instituted. And I believe Counterpunch or LBO or
> both had stories  comparing Dem & Rep military Budge
> proposals, and the Democratic proposals were larger. Bush
> plans to appoint a war criminal as Secretary of State -- but
> a war criminal who after his and the army's experience in
> Viet Nam doesn't want to get tied up in a way that would
> lead to U.S. casualties. I would expect more lip and less
> bang in the military field from a Bush administration.

A FOAF of mine is former military brass, now in an allied industry.  FWIW,
he says industry and the military muckety-mucks are watching their budgets a
bit nervously, since they dislike V.P.-elect Cheney, who they feel screwed
them during his stint as Secretary of Defense.  (His past opposition to the
Marine's jump-jet program -- or crash-jet program, given the performance of
the plane -- has been in the news lately.)

-- Matt D.

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