Forwarded from Anthony (follow-up to Yoshie)

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Dec 15 07:29:57 MST 2000

Hi Lou:

Please post.

Again I write questions to Yoshie:

While I wait for your answer to my most recent questions on ruling class
rifts less than French revolution proportions, your posts on

"what if there was a slowdown in the US economy"

provoke me to ask a further question to you, and to others on this list.

What if there are very serious, partially concealed to us, rifts in the US
bourgeoisie that erupted in the recent election and post election fight?

What might happen to these rifts if the US economy goes  into a down spiral?

What might happen to those rifts if that downward spiral becomes the
locomotive for the world economy?

Thank you in advance for your well thought out, and well informed answers
to my questions.


Louis Proyect
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