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Fri Dec 15 09:40:54 MST 2000

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Only twice in U.S. history has there been significant
divisions in the ruling class: one led to the Civil War
and the other to the New Deal. Both ended in a
unified and strengthened ruling class.


CB: There were also significant divisions in the U.S.ruling class from the fifties
through the mid seventites, with the Civil Rights/Peace/Countercultural movement the
progressive offense in response to it. Kennedy assassination and Nixon impeachment
were emblemetic heavy blows struck back and forth between the right and the left of
the big bourgeoisie.

The ruling class reunified in Reaganism. How long can the Reaganist unity last ?

The balance and unity represented by Clinton-Bush II, the tie election is so perfect,
it may mark the extreme limit of Reaganist , neo-liberal unity.

The contradiction is between the "perfect" unity of the ruling class and the widening
$$$$$$$ gap between the ruling class and the working class. This may be a point of
potential for movement.

The bipartisan unity of the next few years, carrying the merger of the Dems and Reps
even further than with Clinton, will make the duopoly nature of the system more stark.

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