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Hi Lou please post this.

Reply to Mine on class divisions in the USA.


CB: To add to Anthony and Mine's discussion of divisions in the U.S. ruling class, I
believe one of the fault lines is roughly between transnational elements and national
elements. This was reflected in the '92 and '96 elections when Perot represented the
national elements, Bush and Clinton the more transnational elements.

Bush II may have moved to accomodate the Perot group, and thus his election represents
a victory of the more parochial U.S. bourgeoisie. This may be worse for us at home and
better for the rest of the world, as Bush may not be as adept at neo-liberal free
tradism as Clinton.

There is a longer term ( 20th Century) division of labor between Dems and Reps, in
which Dems make war and preside over economic booms ( boom -booms) and Reps end wars
and reside over recessions. This pattern was broken with Carter, but may be back at a
higher level of the spiral with Clinton waging war.  Again , if followed, Bush II
would better for rest of the world ( no war), worse at home with a recession.

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