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Fri Dec 15 13:04:16 MST 2000

You know, I expect Bush's performance in real life World affairs is gonna
be something like another candidate Bert [Cochran] told me about many years
ago. An amiable handsome lightweight auto worker won a close shop steward
election against a tough dedicated Union man. Several weeks later Bert
comes through that plant and a bunch of the women corner him.

"Bert, the company's increased the speed of the line. Will you do something
about it for us?" they implore.

"But you just had an election! Go see your shop steward. That's HIS job."
says Bert.

"What? Pretty Boy Floyd? HE can't handle anything like this." is their easy

"So why the Devil did you elect him?" Bert responds.

They beak out in laughter --"Pretty Boy Floyd? We voted for him 'cause he's
so cute!."

Louis Proyect
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