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> What is the "benefit," Nestor, that using our limited resources and energies to
> refurbish and relegitimate a ruling class institution -- already recognized by
> most Americans as a charade -- will bring us?

First of all: please do not take my words as if I were lecturing anyone. I am
already beginning to feel sorry that I started this.

Second: your answer is much on the line of Lou Paulsen's explanation. Perhaps
it is of no avail to engage in such a struggle in the USA.

Third: I would like to point out again, as I did on previous postings, that I
am not proposing to refurbish and relegitimate anything. On the contrary, my
idea is that a reasonably democratic voting system can't be swallowed by
today's American bourgeoisie.

But (seriously) who on Earth am I to speak of another people's realities?

Most sorry,

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