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Fri Dec 15 16:38:51 MST 2000

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el 15 Dec 00, a las 8:11, Henry C.K. Liu dijo:

> Nestor,
> The US electoral college has been designed to safeguard state rights. As it
> turns out, it also protects minority rights and gives the states with large
> urban populations where minorities are concentrated more of a chance of beiing
> captured by minority swing votes.  One man one vote direct election would dilute
> the political power of minority group politics.
> Henry

My comment has little to do with electoral colleges, which at any rate look
like very conservative and antipopular institutions by definition. It has to do
with the idea, that I found expressed many times, that it is not an issue for
Leftists in USA to fight for an electoral system that, even within the
frontiers of the bourgeois imperial republic, ensures that every citizen has to
cast a vote, not as an individual right (that is a bourgeois right) but as a
right (and a political duty) of a member of the community. I can't see what can
the Left have to lose with this, and I imagine that they would gain a lot.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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