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Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky dijo:

> >This is characteristic. I am not speaking of the State >PUNISHING anyone for not
> >voting, I am thinking of a struggle to obtain from the >bourgeois state the
> >conditions that make popular vote effective and crash >the pitiful and
> >reactionary system that plagues American politics.

I agree in principle. With that said,  I think parliamentary bourgeois democracies are
much more effective than the presidential system of the US kind in terms of
"obtaining from the bourgeois system that make popular votes effective". US system
concentrates power in the hands of few, thus limiting choices, whereas parliamentary
representative democracies (threshold system) at least allow small parties to be
elected to the parliament, hence giving them more chances to maneuver within the
system; However undemocratic bourgeois politics in Turkey is, I should admit, judged
from the western bourgeois standards, it still allowed the Kurdish party (HADEP)  to
make its way to the parliament with the votes it obtained from the South. Not that
HADEP is so progressive or a big shot, but still an enemy disuniting the nation or an
imperialist conspirator in the eyes of the Kemalist governing elite. In fact, the
nationalist bourgeoisie effectively uses this victory as an excuse to deny further
rights to Kurds (bilingual education supported by liberals).What do you want folks?
Aren't you in the parliament? as the rationale goes..

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