George Soros investing in Nigeria

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Soros, who has done so much fine work for capitalism in the former USSR,
broadens his horizons to West Africa....

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Abuja (Vanguard Daily, December 12, 2000)

President Olusegun has described the government of the late Head of
State, General Sani Abacha as the most evil regime ever to have
emerged from Nigeria."

He made this statement in Abuja Monday while inaugurating the Open
Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA), a foundation driven by
the desire to "promote an open society where good governance, basic
freedom and empowerment prevail."

President Obasanjo stated that no matter how bad a democratic
government was, it was still preferable to a military government at
its best, arguing that this was why "every Nigerian and lover of
Nigeria should work concertedly for the sustenance of our nascent
democracy." He also commended all human rights groups that fought
against repression during the dark days of military misrule.

He said that he would not compromise Nigeria's democracy because it
guaranteed "a society that was "free" and "open" which were essential
features of a democratic society since, according to him, "democracy
waters the tree of openness and freedom."

He therefore commended Mr. George Soros, founder of Osiwa for
investing in the development of the West African sub-region, adding
that when Mr. Soros first discussed the OSIWA initiative with him, he
had just been released from the clutches of a "most repressive"

Speaking also at the occasion, the founder of OSIWA, Mr. Soros said
the foundation was motivated to come to Nigeria because it identified
the country as one with a budding democracy, which needed the support
of everyone to grow.

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