On Academe and the list was Re: NACLA and Colombia

Les Schaffer schaffer at SPAMoptonline.net
Sat Dec 16 22:48:03 MST 2000

Xxxx said:

[billions and billions of bytes deleted]
> Gary thanks for this excellent post! I so much share with you.
> A hug

list members will forgive me if i remind Xxxx (and others), in public,
not to quote a full post of text just to say "great!" ...

a few lines of quoted material should be sufficient to jog the
memories of list readers, most of whom appear able to perform feats
like quoting from memory the tactical maneuvers of Napoleon at
Waterloo, seemingly in their sleep.

indeed, we few academics ought to be able to teach the world how propa
quoting of referenced material should be done, n'est pas?

a smile

les schaffer [who chooses not to include addendum on referencing email
posts this late at night]

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