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Louis Proyect dijo:

> >In the course of these discussion/debates, people listen to each other and
> when they disagree, they do so in a respectful manner. This is all I ever
> intended to from day one. I am happy with the results. I am sorry that you,
> Carrol Cox and Yoshie don't like it when I make snide remarks about
> academia. I have a lot of respect for the 3 of you, but my mandate is to
> move this mailing list forward with the mission that not only I have set
> forward for it, but what other people perceive it to be.
> >We are entering into a period that will very likely involve serious
> confrontations between the workers and the bosses in the imperialist
> countries, while the "peripheral" countries such as Venezuela and Colombia
> are launching their own struggle for self-determination. I find it
> inspiring that there are Marxist intellectuals like Carlos Rebello from
> Brazil on the list, who has written a book on "Permanent Revolution in
> Brazil" and is busy at work on his next one. Or activists like Nestor
> Gorojovsky from the PIN, whose party headquarters was able to remain open
> after a fund-raising effort took place on this list. Or Henry Liu, who is
> on a one-man crusade to reinvigorate Chinese revolutionary socialism. Or
> Xxxx Xxxxxx, a firebrand graduate student from Turkey who understands the
> importance of being connected with these kinds of struggles. Or Anthony
> from Bogota, who I know as a friend and a comrade. His reports from
> Colombia on the developing showdown between the US military and the FARC
> and the ELN are something unique.
> >This is the agenda, Michael. I understand that there are things about me
> that you don't like. Let me tell you something. There are things about me
> that I don't like. However, for the time being the list culture seems
> generally accepted and understood by the average participant. And they
> understand that there is a relationship between me as a person and that
> list culture.

Hi Lou! We all love you and promote the culture  as "understood by the average
participant" on this list. Regardless of what very  *few* people might think
about how this list is run, I say, this is the only place I can associate myself
with real struggles going around the world and learn something about
international Marxism without getting lost in the petty details of intellectual
trends shaping Marxism in the US. Commitment to revolutionary struggle is the
uniqueness of Marxism list as opposed to other lists such as Pen-l and LBO. I am
interested in how capitalism screws the rest of the world, not in people citing
Marx to back up free trade/NAFTA or the progressive role of capitalism.

Nestor, Gary, Henry, Anthony, Lou Paulsen, Charles, Abu Nasr! Doesn't this
picture show how much we share in common regardless of the geography that divides

in solidarity...


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