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Lou Paulsen wrote:

> > But for the majority, the motto is:
> >"Previously philosophers have described the world; >the thing, however, is to
> >describe it using Marxist concepts."
> >L. Paulsen

Hi Lou! This is really an interesting observation. Some academics who describe
themselves as Marxist, or at least as radical intellectuals in the United
States, use Marxist concepts to describe the world *only* (since Marxism has
really an explanatory power as a method of scientific inquiry) instead of
*changing* the world in some revolutionary sense. I guess this is what you meant
by false consciousness.  I was just reading an article by two radical academics
having had the chance to publish their article in _International Studies
Quarterly. This is the most mainstream journal in IPE you can ever imagine. They
say in the introduction of the article: We "thank to the editors of ISQ for
comments on the first draft of this essay. which was presented at the Annual
Convention of the American Political Science Association". Once you look at the
title of the article _Global Hegemony and the Structural Power of Capital_ (By
Stephen Gill and David Law), it sounds quite radical, because it draws upon
Gramsci's theory of hegemony. AFter you read it in details, however, you will
probably sense that it is no more different than the "geo-political" discourse
of  neo-realist theory in its common criticism of Marxism. I quess, now, after
observing all these maneuvers of misrepresenting Marx, I have recently become
more interested in how the mainstream coopts the radicals rather than
marginalizing them in some exclusionary sense. For example, look at the titles
in the Leninism conference of Zizek.  It is nothing *but* Lenin.  Just add a
couple of *sexy* titles to the list;  put together a conference, and say I am a


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