On Academe and the list was Re: NACLA and Colombia

Charles Brown CharlesB at SPAMCNCL.ci.detroit.mi.us
Sun Dec 17 15:34:42 MST 2000

>>> Gorojovsky at arnet.com.ar 12/16/00 08:01AM >
> Yoshie: opposition between manual & mental labor is primarily a
> contradiction _within_ the working class created & exploited by
> capital

Nestor: it is also true that the active side of the contradiction must be fully poised
on the side of "bringing mental laborers TOWARDS manual ones", rarely the other
way round. What were Lenin's permanent "appeals to the Party against the
leadership" if not a ceaseless effort to superate the contradiction by bringing
the mental laborers UP TO the positions of the manual ones?


CB: Yes, I agree with Nestor that there should be more emphasis in this thread on the
responsibility of predominantly mental workers to go to the predominantly physical
workers, even if it is not to do more "manual" and pedal labor. There is quite a long
history of snobbery on the part of pred. mental laborers toward workers of the hand
and repetetive brainwork.

The main problem is not workerism, but the reverse , intellectuals and academics not
respecting average wage laborers ( service and material productive), not respecting
them such that there is little communication between the groups, and left intellectual
knowledge is not sought by the wage laborers, in part because they resent the snobbery.

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