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Mon Dec 11 08:35:47 MST 2000

Hi Lou:

A brief reply to Lou Paulsen who wrote,    "I have been making bad
predictions for the last month, beginning with a post entitled "The
Election is Over" which was typed during the one-hour period on November 8
when this seemed to be the case.<p> My most recent bad prediction was last
Saturday, when I told someone, "I can't possibly believe that the Supreme
Court will intervene to stop the recount.  It's an elegant solution, it's
grounded in Florida, Bush can't show irreparable harm .. this is going to
be it."

"I confess to being very much surprised when they voted to brazenly steal
the election from Gore on completely flimsy grounds."

I think the idea of the unity of the bourgeoisie against all others is
something we should abandon. We SHOULD not however adopt the idea that
somewhere or other there is a "progressive" part of the imperialist
bourgeoisie (there isn't).

The bourgeoisie has great tensions concealed within it. The effort to
impeach Bill Clinton, and now the effort - apparently successful - to steal
the elections from Gore are only the two most recent important eruptions
into public view of these tensions.

Remmber Richard Nixon's resignation. The assasinations fo the Kennedy
brothers. Various bourgeois third party movements including most recently
that by Mr. Perot?

You can look at all of these as simple manifestations of one global plot by
some disguised leaders of the bourgeoisie. Or you can look at these for
what they are - the public manifestations of the internal conflicts of the

The underlying issue beneath these conflicts is in my opinion: money.

Not simply patronage, as one reply to an earlier post of mine (by Jose, I
think) said.

They are fighting over things like who gets to rape Alaska. This side of
the conflict is not for public consumption. But if they fight intenselely
enough, the real conflicts will come out into the open.

For sure they are fighting over something big. Not just patronage.

These people kill their enemies when money is involved. They also kill
members of their own class when they have no other way to get to the loot.
WWI and WWII should have amplydemonstrated that.

What should people on our side do?

1. Fan the flames of disunity and hatred within the bourgeoisie. Be scandal
mongers for all its worth.

2. Defend the democratic rights of those who voted for Gore - for all its
worth. Mobilize against the elctoral theft, and fight for reforms that
protect and extend democratic rights. Abolish the elctoral college. One
person one vote.

3. Organize for the 2002 Congressional elections: either in the Green Party
or in socialist electoral formations.

The shit that is hitting that fan of democratic rights and constitutional
crisis in the USA is driven by a serious conflict within the imperialist
bourgeoisie - probably closely related to the developing economic downturn.

An historic opportunity for the left is opening up before our eyes.

I urge Lou and his party, and all activists in the USA to take advantage of


Louis Proyect
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