Straight to Jose was Re: Back to Matt

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Mon Dec 18 03:41:06 MST 2000

>Try this thought on for size:
>Do you see the labor parties as some sort of substitute for a workers party?
>In what sense are the British labor party, the Australian labor party, etc.,
>workers parties at all? In what way do they represent MOTION towards genuine
>independent working class political action?


>One day we will definitely have to meet.  You are such a brilliant man but
>with such a tendency to be a real pain.  You do not really expect me to
>answer the above do you?  If you are serious I will have a go out of
>respect for you.  But I would have thought that out of respect for me you
>would not have asked these questions.

>You have to try and remember, Jose, that I am Irish. Try that on for size,



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