Maybe Jose'd like to clarify?

Matt D. mattd at
Mon Dec 18 08:19:12 MST 2000

Jose wrote:

>     Excuse me, but this is ultraleft IDIOCY.
>     What it comes down to is saying, the n******* got what they deserved
> voting for bourgeois candidates.
>     I know all about constraining choices and all the other crap you want
> talk about. But the subject matter was the FACT that Gore won the vote and
> Bush stole the election. And he did this by systematically depriving many
> Blacks of the right to vote in Florida and preventing the choice of tens
> thousands who did vote from being counted. It is as simple as that.

I'm  not sure I follow you here, Jose.  Are you saying that abstentionism is
by definition racist, ultraleft idiocy?  Are you *disagreeing* that
exposures around this election should focus on the denial of a so-called
"right" rather than Gore being "cheated of his victory"?  Do you think it's
going to far to suggest that this whole fiasco has usefully demonstrated the
*demonstrative* rather than democratic foundations of the U.S. electoral

As to whether the American working class -- chocolate, vanilla, or
pistachio -- gets what it "deserves" ... is this a moral question or a
historical question?  Either way, I'm sure you'd agree the answer probably
turns or more than our voting behavior.


-- Matt D.

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