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Mon Dec 18 10:00:10 MST 2000

Thanks to Michael Hoover for those chilling Central
Florida tales of career-wrecking academic redbaiting.
I work a bit further south and despite the most
of environments I strongly suspect that even my few
adjunct hours could easily be imperiled by a couple
students (or parents) with connections, or even with
just the savvy to say the right thing to the right
person in the right way.  And I can only imagine what
it would be like a bit further south still, at Miami-
Dade Community College.  I remember, 20 years ago,
I was a student there, I had arranged for the head of
the local SWP to speak to the PoliSci club, and the
faculty advisor felt compelled to call security to
protect the speaker from some gusanos (I think
students, though I'd never seen them before) who
had appeared in order to cause trouble.
Michael Davidson

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