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This we received from our friend Samia Khoury (Sabeel Liberation
Theology Centre, Jerusalem. Greetings, Marta
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Dear Friends:

It is not likely that the latest innovative measures of harassment of
Palestinians by the Israeli military would ever reach your papers or TV.
The following are unbelievable methods that can only reflect how desperate
the Israeli army has become to have to stoop down to measures that are so
immoral that only sick people can resort to. These measures are adding fuel
to the already enflamed situation, and they certainly do not indicate
gestures of peace. They only breed more hatred. This is violence extra
special!!! The following incidents have been documented by Quds Press and
appeared in Al-Ayyam Daily paper on Wednesday December 13, 2000.

The following incidents took place in the Nablus area. An area that has
been subjected to a lot of harassment by the Israeli soldiers and settlers
where Palestinian olive pickers have been attacked and olive groves have
been bulldozed, and settlers attacking people on the roads. Samia

1- At a special check point put up on a side road, the passengers were
taken hostage until a young woman from amongst them was forced to kiss all
the passengers so that they could be released.

2- In another incident, the Israeli Border Police stopped a group of young
men and forced one of them to spit in the faces of his colleagues.

3- Some women students were stopped as they were passing by the army and
forced to eat something so as to break their fasting during Ramadan, the
holy month of fasting for the Muslims.

4- At the village of Boureen a villager was stopped at a check point put up
by the Israeli army and settlers. He had thirty 20-litre cans of olive oil
with him. He was forced to curse Prophet Mohammad. Having refused, they
started pouring the oil one can after the other. As he insisted not to
comply with their request he left the point without his oil. The touching
part of the story is that he found later on 25 cans of olive oil at his
door step sent by anonymous people.

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