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Charles Brown CharlesB at
Mon Dec 18 13:55:21 MST 2000

I would say that the theme of the current left rhetoric can be taken straight from
Justice John Paul Stevens dissent: The American judge has been exposed as political,
not apolitical.

Of course , we already know this. But it is the main crack in the system exposed here.

In a way, it should be emphasized over the specific issue of voting rights violations.
 The theme of the political nature of the judicial system is not exposed to the public
eye as often as discrimination in voting. Or am I wrong on that.

So, now the protest is against the court, not against the Florida Secretary of State.

Charles Brown

>>> cbcox at 12/15/00 06:23PM >>>

Exactly! These are battles we *have* to fight. They are not
battles we *choose*. My point is that the courts are the enemy's
home ground, and while when we are attacked there we must
defend ourselves it is not the battlefield that we should choose
when free not to.


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