Forgotten Assassination Attempt on Hitler

thomas robinson tomrob at
Mon Dec 18 23:16:22 MST 2000

"The Elser case is unknown not only to the general public but there is
nothing in the works of scholars, with expertise on Hitler and Nazism. For
example, in the work of Ian Kershaw, Professor at the University of
Sheffield in England, there is no mention of Elser's name ("The Hitler
Myth," Oxford, 1987; "Popular Opinion & Political Dissent in the Third
Reich," Oxford, 1983). However, in a recent interview to the German magazine
"Der Spiegel" Kershaw when asked if Elser is "his hero at that time," he
answered that Elser is " certainly one of the few (heroes), probably just
because he was an outsider. Elser is no political person, he wanted to kill
Hitler, to put an end to the war, simply that. Compared to the (Nazi)
officers, who hesitate again and again, Elser is a luminous figure." (Der
Spiegel, 34/2000, p.58)"

English readers can read a description of Elser's unheralded attempt in the
recently published second volume of Ian Kershaw's biography of  Hitler
(Hitler:1936-1945:Nemesis), pp 271-275.  The historical research he relies
upon was published in German some 30 years ago.


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