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Louis Proyect lnp3 at SPAMpanix.com
Tue Dec 19 12:39:51 MST 2000

>US academic establishment serves to the interests of capitalism with
>as the agents of the system rather than its romantic victims. Active false
>consciousness prevails so to speak. We need Lenin's vanguard to shake them.

I think as a rule of thumb any graduate student or professor who remains
subbed to this list does not need to be shaken. Maybe stirred. If they were
not made of the right stuff--as George Snedeker certainly is--they would
have left long ago muttering to themselves.

By the same token, I've learned that it is exceedingly difficult for
fire-breathing Marxists to remain on PEN-L. After being subbed for the
better part of 7 years, except for periods when Perelman suspended me or
when I walked off in anger, I finally unsubbed for good. Part of the goal
of any mailing list is to encourage conversations and I found myself too
often locked in the pose that opens Sam Peckinpah's classic film "The Wild
Bunch": a crowd of children are gathered around a perverse game. They have
trapped a tarantula and are watching it being tortured by ants.

Now that I am off PEN-L (I can just hear the sighs of relief from people
like Brad DeLong who is now free to defend US imperialism without having to
put up with the likes off me), I expect that the seepage from that list
into this one will be decreased measurably. Since I was a "personality" on
that list (the Last Marxist mixed with Howard Stern), there was always a
temptation to comment on PEN-L threads involving me over there on this
list. That tempation should no longer exist.

I like to think of this in terms of trying to have a seminar in a classroom
with an open door. From down the hall we hear bits and pieces of other
conversations: "What's wrong with anal sex?" "Doesn't everbody know that
socialism can not succeed unless workers own their own factories and
compete as entrepreneurs with each other?"

The door is now shut. Let's get down to business.

Louis Proyect
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