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George Snedeker wrote:

>I think Xxxx needs to take a course in "how to read email messages." I >said
that my working class under graduate students would not be >interested in a
study group on Capital.(they might take it for credit). I teach >Marx in all of
my courses, particularly in my classical theory course. While >in graduate
school, I loved my courses in Marx. that is not the point. come >off your
elitist  graduate school trip. graduate school students are the real >petty
bourgeoisie. aren't they. all they do   is sit on their ass and read >books...

George, where did I say that you were not teaching Marx in your courses? I did
not imply such a thing. Of course yo do. Yes, you said that students would not 
be interested in a study group on CAPITAL despite your intentions to do so. And
my reply to you was that my prof did a study group on CAPITAL and the graduate
students _were_ interested in. Despite other considerations such as heavy jobs,
they _still_ attended. I was not specifically talking about you. I was giving an
example from my own case. To answer your question above,  I would not go on
blaming students for the faults of profs or calling them petty bourgeois sitting
on their ass and just reading. I was making a general comment about why
_academics_ generally  choose not to teach Marx and instead choose to teach
others. So the fault is not students'; it is ours. We have to get the best out
of students to see what potential they still can contribute. I don't think that
I can be classified an elitist in saying this.


I said:

Well, not quite so. When I was taking courses a year ago at graduate school
here, my theory prof. Peter Breiner put together an extensive course on Marx's
_CAPITAL_  and his political writings. It was tough, but it worked out
eventually; and the attendence was pretty well.


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