Marx in the class room?

George Snedeker snedeker at
Tue Dec 19 13:11:19 MST 2000

Mine,   I never said that Left academics suffer. well, maybe associate
professors suffer a little. I was mostly trying to make a distinction between
teaching at elite universities and working class colleges. at the ladder, we are
called "professors," but we are just teachers. this does not mean that many, on
the right or left, do not suffer from false consciousness. professionalism is an
ideology.   objectively, we sell our labor power for a wage. we suffer under the
managerial stupidity of administrators who are paid well for pushing papers and
us around. they are     even more bought off by the system than we are . they
hand out candy cains to us and we fight over these.   why do some academics
prefer teaching Foucault over Marx? this is a very good question. is it just a
petty bourgeois form of rebellion? it is certainly true that academics market
themselves.     what I do in the class room has very little to do with
publishing in mainstream journals. in fact, I have never been able to get an
article in a mainstream journal. I publish in SCIENCE AND SOCIETY, RETHINKING
MARXISM AND NATURE, THOUGHT AND SOCIETY. you and your buddy Louis probably think
these are only petty bourgeois publications. after all, the working class does
not read them. I do think that they play a role on the margins of political
life.   George Snedeker

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