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Tue Dec 19 15:30:51 MST 2000

Lou quotes Ken McLeod:

> The prominence of free software in the tech and financial press has
> sharply declined.

this may be correct for the Fortune's and Business Week's and
CNN_FINANCIAL_LIVE_DOT.COM's, but is not true for your run of the mill
engineering and scientific trade press.

in fact, in the last few months i have seen more and more Linux
articles appear in conservative trade magazines like Mechanical
Engineer, Sensors, Vision Systems, Laser Focus World, Embedded Systems
Development, Embedded Systems Programming, etc etc... extolling the
virtues of this "freely available" operating system.

personally (and anecdotally), in the last several months i have
convinced one company to release its source code for an optical
measuring instrument (albeit grudgingly), have helped convince a
Boston company to let its code developers set up and run linux servers
for its source code control system. and these are two companies that
were against the Linux and/or open source move for quite some time.

still, companies are more willing to try linux solutions than
open-source their code, err, their intellectual property. which is
ashame, since run-of-the-mill code i have seen which was constructued
behind closed doors is mainly shit, showing signs of construction by
otherwise capable people under duress of smaller and smaller "times to

another interesting development, tangentially related, in the linux
world: Red Hat, one of the first companies to both a.) make a business
based on selling linux systems and b.) to go public and dive into the
IPO get-rich-quick seas, is now selling linux for use in embedded
systems in trucks and fighting vehicles for the US Army:

les schaffer

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