On Academe and the list was Re: NACLA and Colombia

Michael Hoover hoov at SPAMfreenet.tlh.fl.us
Tue Dec 19 16:28:51 MST 2000

> Michael Hoover:
> >re. whether or not Lou is academic basher, he categorically uses
> >"academic,"
> >"tenured prof" and this seems less-than-useful to me...

> If I do, it is hardly meant to make a political point.
> If I bash Zizek, it is not for his life style but for his
> intellectual and political pretensions.
> I am sorry that you,
> Carrol Cox and Yoshie don't like it when I make snide remarks about
> academia.
> Louis Proyect

last time..

it makes political point if use such as above *categorically*...

one thing to bash Zizek (or any individual left academic/trade unionist/
computer programmer), another to *categorically* do so re. left academics/
trade unionists/computer pregrammers....

Issue is not "snide remarks" but *categorical* labelling...

For every left celeb that you identify & criticize (correctly, no doubt,
in some instances), I can point to some higher ed folks right here in
conservative Orblando whose names you will never recognize.  I was at
meeting with some of them the other day - as well as with trade unionists,
religious social justice people, a few other local activists.

Few left academics I know attend Socialist Scholar & Rethinking Marxism
conferences (I've never been to either although I did go to several
Marxist Scholar conferences 10-15 yrs ago) so my frame of reference
probably differs from yours.

keep the x in xmas...   Michael Hoover

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