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jonathan flanders jon_flanders at
Tue Dec 19 16:32:32 MST 2000

>> this may be correct for the Fortune's and Business Week's and
CNN_FINANCIAL_LIVE_DOT.COM's, but is not true for your run of the mill
engineering and scientific trade press. <<

I have been dual-booting Linux with Win98 for a few months now. I'd use
Linux all the time if I could find an email program that lets me organize
personal email lists as easily as the Compuserve Ozwin off-line reader

This question is becoming more urgent since Compuserve's original "Classic"
accounts which third party olrs could access is definitely on the
endangered species list after the AOL takeover. Compuserve 2000 uses
proprietary AOL software to access the AOL network.

Jon Flanders

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