Some history on Turkish Jews and Young Turk government

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>The appointment of a Jewish minister to the Turkish cabinet in Istanbul
>in 1913 sparked a debate between Arabs and Jews which Al-Ahram followed
>closely. Egyptian Zionists hotly defended the appointment which was just
>a small link in a chain of Zionist efforts to fulfil the dream of a
>state in Palestine -- a project that saw its inception at the 1897
>Zionist Congress. The controversy raging on the pages of Al-Ahram was
>generally low-key and conciliatory on the Egyptian side but strident and
>brazen on the Zionist side. Dr Yunan Labib Rizk * tells the story from
>what Al-Ahram published

Very interesting, but I am surprised that the Khazar question did not get
raised. As Arthur Koestler argued in "The Thirteenth Tribe", it is
altogether possible that Eastern European Jews originated from the Khazar
kingdom in ancient Turkey. As a survival mechanism against encroachments
from the Christian West and the Islamic west during the Crusades, the
Khazar people opted for Judaism. When the Kingdom was defeated, the
remnants of the society scattered into Eastern Europe.

I think that this is very plausible considering the tempermental affinities
between Mine and myself. We both have a certain fire-breathing quality that
might best be explained by a common cultural lineage. (Of course, I reject
any crude sociobiological explanations.) It is entirely likely that we
learned how to excoriate reformists from
great-great-great-great-great-grandparents who lived in the same village.

Which reminds me of my mother. She is 80 now. About 4 years ago, during a
trip upstate, one of her young friends told me that she was '"slipping".
What's that about, I asked her. There were two problems apparently. Her
driving wasn't what it used to be. (She did go through red lights driving
me from the bus station to her house.)

The other problem was that she was losing her temper more lately,
especially with people who disappointed her. Really?, I asked. Not only was
she losing her temper more often, she would actually curse people out using
language appropriate for a truckdriver. I replied that this sounds like the
mom I'd always known. It also sounds like me.

Louis Proyect
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