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George Snedeker wrote:

> >I would like to thank Louis for defending my honor. What is the pen-l
> list? Can someone enlighten me?  I guess I've been in the ivory tower
> too long. Howard Stern and Louis? we could use a few jokes on this
> list. Marx was often very funny. George

Hi George! Lou briefly explained  the nature of pen-l list a while ago,
now you can have some idea.. In fact, I sense that there is hardly any
place for frank scholars like you on that list. The reason is because
you will find yourself a stranger in the midst of academics, mostly
non-marxist economists,  throwing obscure languages to justify things
like how capitalism benefits third world countries or how it liberates
us from previous forms of oppression. Defense of NAFTA, for example, is
not an unusual position among the list members. Briefly,  pen-l is a
place for free trade lovers and other reformist variants of
Marxism&leftism. It is not wrong to desribe its political stand point as
liberal left.

I remember once that you made a very important remark here about the
role of colonialism in the emergence of capitalism. You seemed to agree
with us about the Eurocentric assumptions underlying Brenner's thesis
and its insensitivity to questions of slavery and the political process
of capitalist formation in third world countries. Strange as it may
sound, once you start talking about slavery on pen-l, you will  find
your self under a heavy bombardment from a group of people trying prove
the inconsistency of slavery with capitalism. Capitalism is argued to
have emerged in the British country side as the classical model that
other countries are supposed to follow. We know that it did not happen
that way without a forced primitive accumulation on a world scale-- that
is slavery,

My simple advise to you is to check the archives of the list to see what
kind of topics are being discussed there. You will mostly see a group of
chatting people rather than a genuine discussion like the that exists
here. Since you are an honest scholar, you will find yourself in
disagreement with those story tellers.

in solidarity



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