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Louis Proyect dijo:

> >True, true. But it is useless to have debates with such >people in a frozen
> >environment. There are very few newcomers to >PEN-L.

Comrade, you were the one who engaged in a *real* war of position with
non-marxists on pen-l. You did not concede till the end. The pen-l environment
is so frozen and sectarian that it excludes real Marxists like you from the
discourse. I am not suprised that you throw up once you read the posts there.
One cannot stay on pen-l forever as a regular poster unless she _adjusts her
language to the ideological discourse_ of the list. We refused to do that.
Accordingly, one should not confuse an _engagement in a war of position with
non-marxists_ with an _engagement in a dialogue with non-marxists. The first is
a fight; the latter, as you said,  is a matter of taking the trouble of
answering to JS,  JD, DH. We know the cross postings from that place.  Thanks
to some posters. One should not confuse a dialogue with non-marxists with the
role of a _broker_ between marxists and non-marxists. Reconciliatory brokerage
firms do not pay; solidarity pays, which is what we are trying to achieve on
marxism list. You _take a position_ others play the role of a middleman.





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