pen-l list?

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Tue Dec 19 18:05:53 MST 2000

Hi George:

>What is the pen-l list? Can someone enlighten me?

Here's a link to the PEN-l archive:
<>.  PEN is an acronym for
Progressive Economists Network. The moderator is Michael Perelman.  I
recommend it highly to anyone interested in a forum on economics &
related political topics with participants ranging from Marxists to
Greens to left-Keynesians.  If you sub, ignore Brad De Long, Neil, &
Ricardo Duchesne.  Look for posts by Patrick Bond, Carrol Cox, Eugene
Coyle, Jim Devine, Ken Hanly, Marty Hart-Landsberg, Michael Hoover,
Sam Pawlett, Michael Perelman, Stephen E. Philion, Paul Phillips,
Seth Sandronsky, Michael Yates, among other folks.


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