To Yoshie on our duty in cyber space was Re: On Academe and the listwas Re: NACLA and Colombia

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Tue Dec 19 18:58:59 MST 2000

Hi Yoshie,

Interesting point. what is our duty to lists like Pen-L.  Do they
reduplicate the real world.  Must we strive to confront in cyber space what
we encounter everyday.    And that is the very point.  I know very little
about USA but I have spent a lot of time with Americans and a brief while
in New York.. I know enough to know that socialists in the USA are as
scarce as hen's teeth.  So my guess is that everyday Lou has to put up with
all kinds of shit. I know that I do in my work. And Australia is no way as
primitive a fundamentalist nation as America is.

Why the other night when Bush introduced Powell as a "merkin *Hee*-row", I
wanted to vomit.

Now I have been in cyber space with Brad De Long.  He is no liberal at
all.  That is his mask.  His sole purpose is to wear us down.  We cannot
get to develop our theory, exchange solidarity, plan etc while that arse
hole continues to plague us.  He is an ideologue who lurks in cyber space
to demoralize Marxists.  And real life is demoralising enough.

Log onto the CNN site and you will se the world according to Brad De Long.
Read a Murdoch paper and you will see the world according to Brad De
Long.  Tune into any radio station and you will hear the world according to
Brad De Long.

We do not have to put up with it in cyber space.  It is only foolish headed
liberal nonsense that says that somehow I have a duty to engage the Brad De
Long's of the world all the time and every where.  I simply will not and
that is why I do not subscribe to Pen-L.   And that is why I rejoice in the
knowledge that if the bastard ever showed up here, Lou would kick him off.

This is the only space that I know off where I am not plagued by likes of
the thousand idiots that I deal with all day long.


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