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En relación a To Yoshie on our duty in cyber space was Re: On A,
el 20 Dec 00, a las 7:48, Gary MacLennan dijo:

> Now I have been in cyber space with Brad De Long.


> We do not have to put up with it in cyber space.  It is only foolish headed
> liberal nonsense that says that somehow I have a duty to engage the Brad De
> Long's of the world all the time and every where.  I simply will not and that is
> why I do not subscribe to Pen-L.

I have been on PEN-L for a while (more than I could materially stand, thanks to
Michael Perelman's good will, to be honest). I must admit that, yes, Spruille
Braden De Long was enough for me to leave PEN-L, high volume of many
uninteresting pieces set aside. There were some highlights on the
lsit, but I can hardly understand what is a follower of Rostow doing in a
"pregressive economists" environment.

Or, perhaps, since all cats are black at night, and as compared with, say, the
openly Fascist -and you know I am careful in using this word- monetarists, a
right-wing "developmentist" such as De Long sounds "progressive"? If this is
the case, there is something very serious going on in that discipline, more
serious than in other realms of material reality.

I was astonished, at first, to find such a reactionary on PEN-L. It was like
finding Robert McNamara in the café where you meet with fellow leftists
somewhere downtown. But I must at the same time say that I learnt something
from him, namely the role played by some of our vernacular sepoys such as the
forgettable Díaz Alejandro, whose work I learnt from Spruille Braden De Long to
be "standard reading" in American Universities on Argentina.

I had some funny time throwing stones at his crystal-made structure of economic
takeoffs (and military "support" to these takeoffs, something his beloved W.W.
Rostow was conscious of), and I was amused to put some quandaries in front of
him as to his mainstream interpretation of Argentina. But I admit that in the
end it was too much even to such a teaching-minded guy as I am, and summed up
to the extremely high volume of the list, I quit PEN-L.

Sometimes I feel I am losing something, but honestly this feeling does not last
too long. There will always be a Spruille Braden De Long to remind me not to
try again. By the way, when I quit the list we exchanged a couple of cavalier
and ironic goodbye letters offline.

A hug,
> This is the only space that I know off where I am not plagued by likes of
> the thousand idiots that I deal with all day long.
> regards

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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