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Village Voice, Dec. 20-26

VV: Not only were you kept out of the debates, you were more or less kept
out of The New York Times. Has the paper of record thwarted your effort to
build a third party?

Nader: The Times believes there should just be two parties, and a party
like the Green Party, in that memorable phrase, "clutters" the playing
field. A remarkable position for a newspaper that believes in the First
Amendment and has excoriated politicians for corrupt campaign funding that
the Green Party wanted to eliminate. That will go down as the most
indefensible intellectual exercise that ever appeared on New York Times
editorial columns, which were basically rantings. The Washington Post
invited me to speak at their editorial office, and The Wall Street Journal
invited two op-eds. The Times never did either.

Tom Friedman is a source of humor. He's so off the edge that he bellows in
his column, he rages, it really makes our day. Here's a man who fancies
himself an expert on global trade and has never read global trade
agreements. I would give him the nomination as the columnist who has
traveled more extensively and regularly around the world and has learned
the least.

VV: Anything you would have done differently in your campaign?

Nader: I would have started earlier and called up these so-called critics
had I had the clairvoyance to realize they were getting cold feet. The only
true aging is the erosion of one's ideals. They're people of increasingly
low expectations. That's the definition of a frightened liberal.

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