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Wed Dec 20 10:09:30 MST 2000

Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> >Were I the moderator, I'd ban Brad from both PEN-l & >LBO-talk & have
> >you instead (really, Brad is a marginal presence now >on both,
> >though).

Excellent point! Pick it up and show yourself. If Brad De Long is really a
marginal guy, I am openly inviting you to _advise_ Parelman and your fellow
traveler Henwood to sign off Brad DeLong immediately.  Go and post your
invitation on _pen-l_ and _LBO_ as you do _here_. Can you do it? and send a
copy to us. I am eagerly waiting.

btw, where were you when Henry was unsubscribed? Why didn't you give exactly
the same advise _at the time_? Now it is too late.  de passe-- de passe.. my

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