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Retired Gen. Colin Powell is adding some luster to George W. Bush's
tarnished victory, accepting the nomination to be the first
African-American U.S. secretary of state.

Yet, what kind of African-American leader would stand by while Gov. Bush
won the White House by exploiting the "equal protection" safeguards that
historically protected blacks and other minorities from discrimination?

To win, Bush used the "equal protection" argument -- embraced by the U.S.
Supreme Court's five conservative justices -- to stop the counting of
votes in Florida precincts with large African-American populations.

In effect, Bush won by making sure that uncounted African-American votes
did not put Al Gore over the top in Florida and thus into the presidency.
Now, Colin Powell is benefiting from that disenfranchisement by gaining
one of the nation's highest offices.

"Behind Colin Powell's Legend" looks at whether this opportunism is
typical of Powell's political-military career or an anomaly. The first
part of this investigative series -- dealing with Powell's Vietnam days
and his brush with the My Lai massacre -- is at Consortiumnews.com at

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