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Charles Brown CharlesB at
Wed Dec 20 11:51:22 MST 2000

>>> furuhashi.1 at 12/20/00 01:07PM >>>
This list often provides the sort of forwards & analyses that may be
best used _for the purpose of affirming the importance of Marxist
theory & practice in non-Marxist venues_, instead of going _beyond_
the level of defending Marxism from non-Marxists (which is actually
the job folks should perform in non-Marxist fora, not here).


CB: On this I have a bone to pick, comrade. I don't see Brenner/Wood as a Marxist
thesis. I asked what was their own self-defined connection to Marx's extensive
discussion of the origin of capitalism ( primitive accumulation in _Capital_) and I
get no answer. Seems to me they contradict Marx's thesis and therefore are not
Marxists on this issue. So, how come we Marxists are not putting forth Marx's theory
on that issue , affirming Marxism in a non-Marxistt venue ?

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