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Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Wed Dec 20 11:56:52 MST 2000

>  >>> furuhashi.1 at 12/20/00 01:07PM >>>
>This list often provides the sort of forwards & analyses that may be
>best used _for the purpose of affirming the importance of Marxist
>theory & practice in non-Marxist venues_, instead of going _beyond_
>the level of defending Marxism from non-Marxists (which is actually
>the job folks should perform in non-Marxist fora, not here).
>CB: On this I have a bone to pick, comrade. I don't see Brenner/Wood
>as a Marxist thesis. I asked what was their own self-defined
>connection to Marx's extensive discussion of the origin of
>capitalism ( primitive accumulation in _Capital_) and I get no
>answer. Seems to me they contradict Marx's thesis and therefore are
>not Marxists on this issue. So, how come we Marxists are not putting
>forth Marx's theory on that issue, affirming Marxism in a
>non-Marxistt venue ?

Well, actually, the question that I've kept asking here is as
follows.  Both those who see & don't see value in Brenner/Wood
profess they reject "stagism," so there is agreement here.  What does
it mean, though, to reject "stagism" in practice, in concrete
details?  What political strategies & tactics does the rejection
entail?  In America?  In China?  East Timor?  Elsewhere?  Any
thoughts, anyone?

Marxism, after all, is a political project, not just a political
interpretation of history....


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